Batch Sorption

To close identified gaps of data in literature (cf. here, Tab. 1) batch experiments with muscovite, orthoclase and quartz are conducted to examine the sorption behavior of Eu3+, Al3+, Np5+, UO22+, Nd3+ and Ni2+ under different geochemical conditions. The following links offer a detailed overview of the conducted batch-sets.

Data from batch-experiments is used to determine surface complexation parameters to describe surface reactions on water-mineral interfaces more realistically. To assess e.g. retardation processes of natural sediments a bottom-up approach is chosen. The approach refers to the characterization of sorption behavior of natural sediments by means of its constituting minerals. To verify this approach an additional batch-set is carried out with a synthetic sediment. Further information on this verification may also be obtained from one of the following links.